Temperature Quilts: a Special Exhibit at QuiltCon 2022

The MQG is planning a special exhibit at QuiltCon 2022 of temperature quilts created by members from around the world. We think this will be a fun way to visualize the different climates our membership lives in. Don't know what a temperature quilt is? Check out #temperaturequilt on Instagram or do a quick Google search to see a variety of ideas to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does my quilt need to be a 2020 Temperature Quilt?

A: No, choose any year that has special meaning to you, maybe it’s 2020, maybe it’s the year you graduated high school, or the year you started quilting. Whichever year you choose, the only requirement is that the quilt is completed between 2019 – 2021, the same guidelines as all other QuiltCon entries.

 Q: Is there a size requirement?

 A: The temperature quilt exhibit will follow the same size guidelines as other QuiltCon entries, with a maximum perimeter no larger than 480”

 Q: Will the temperature quilts be judged?

A: No. This is a special exhibit of quilts which will not be judged. The entries will still be curated based on space availability and to feature a range of styles, but there is no prize awarded for this exhibit.

Q: How many quilts can I enter?

 A: Members may enter as many quilts for consideration as they like, but no member may have more than two quilts accepted into the exhibit. We want to feature as wide a variety of styles and makers as possible.

Q: How do I enter?

 A: Entries will be collected at the same time as entries for QuiltCon 2022, beginning in September 2021. Details will be posted at a later date.